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I live in Italy and I love my country. Italy is the greatest historic country in the world and cities like Rome, Florence and Venice are just an example of the artistic and historical value of this beautiful country.

“Rome” (CC BY 2.0) by Moyan_Brenn

Rome is definitely the most famous city, not only because it is the capital. The Roman Empire had its core right in Rome and there is an amazing number of roads and temples, that were build during that time (100-400 A.D), that are still functional. I have lived in Rome for a couple of years, when I was younger (almost three years ago), and I remember that period of my life with great joy. I worked at a local “Pizzeria”, a typical restaurant that makes only pizza, the world-wide famous Italian food. The salary was very good and I do not like when people say that there are no jobs: you just need to look better and you will find interesting opportunities.

If you are just a tourist and not interested in living in Italy, than Rome is definitely a must for your trip.




“Florence” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by PapaPiper

If you have the possibility to visit more than one, than Florence should certainly be your second choice. It is a relatively small city, but has an artistic value that is known all around the world (ever heard of Uffizi or Michelangelo’s David?). Just wander around a little bit and you will find face to face with some of the most famous pieces of art that you can imagine. It is cheaper than Rome and has a great university. Florence is also attractive for its weather: it is not too cold in the winter and not too hot during summer







“Tranquil Venice” (CC BY 2.0) by v923z

Venice is one of those city that you will keep in your heart forever. It is very expensive and, for this reason, I recommend to sleep in Mestre, the nearest town, and visit Venice during the day.

Canal Grande is a must see and I suggest to take one of the famous “water taxi” at least one time: it is an experience worth living. Whatever you do, stay away from restaurants in the city center, they are extremely expensive.

The fact that the city is built on water is typical, just think that Amsterdam is also known as “the Venice of the North”. It is definitely a city that you should include in your visit to Italy.






“Bolzano main place” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Goldmund100

I personally live in a small city called Bolzano, situated in the North of Italy. The greatest gift that we are given are mountains and nature. In just few car minutes we can be in what seems a totally different place and I am thankful for that. This gives us the possibility to practice lots of different sports and spend time away from the exhausting city life.

There is a good number of working opportunities and it is not expensive to live here. The only issue is that, in order to find a job that requires working with the public, you need to speak very well both Italian and German. In most cases you need to obtain a certificate of a certain level (there are four levels), just to present the request for a job. Instead, if you decide to work for a private company you generally do not need to be bilingual.

The climate is not very generous in this city, in fact it is often below zero degrees during most of autumn and winter, but it is something that anyone can deal with and  I think the snow gives a nice white touch to the already amazing environment.




My final take is this: if you are interested in a place to live, than Bolzano (and the other cities of the North) is my “go to”, but if you are planning a vacation to get in touch with the typical Italian culture, visit the main cities.

About The Author

I live in a small city called Bolzano, situated in the North of Italy.

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